Rent & Lend

Collateral-free Marketplace for Renting NFTs.


Easily Rent & Lend NFTs with the leading Platform in the space.


Leverage the security of smart-contracts with Orium's on-chain Rentals.


Rent NFTs for a fraction of their price and start playing immediately.

Explore Collections

Immerse yourself in the world of NFTs by exploring all the Collections available in the Platform.
Each NFT unlocks a unique and engaging gaming experience.

For Creators

Grow your Community

Open your game to a wider audience by allowing users to rent NFTs.

Earn Royalties

Generate an additional source of revenue via royalties you set and control.

Ease Onboarding

Onboard new users with little to no investment.

For Lenders


Lend NFTs with a secure rental protocol without compromising the your assets.

Instant Yield

Start making money as soon as your NFT is rented.

Your Rules

Maintain full control of your assets by specifying how much you want for your NFT, and for how long you are willing to rent it for.

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