Guild Management at Scale

Scale your Guild Operations Across Metaverses

Orium Network enables Guilds to set up scholarships, monitor performance, and automatically distribute rewards through multiple play-to-earn platforms.

Supported Platforms: Axie Infinity logo Pegaxy logo Thetan Arena logo Gods Unchained logo
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The Platform

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Legion of Guilds
Enjoy a wide range of features and services by joining a network of Decentralized Guilds
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Create, manage and monitor your Scholarship Programs in real-time
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Guild Launchpad
Raise capital to invest on operations
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Orium Token
Own the Platform by holding the $ORIUM token
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A Network of Decentralized Guilds

Orium Network provides a wide range of governance and financial tools powered by blockchain
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Guild Governance
Pool assets to collectively invest in tokens and NFTs trustlessly
Profit Sharing
Lend assets to community members through profit-sharing type of loans (commonly denominated as "Scholarships")
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Protocol & DAO

The $ORIUM token enable users to own the Platform. Hold the $ORIUM token to help shape the future of play-to-earn.
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A set of smart contracts that enables users to deploy a DAO to govern their Guilds. Each Decentralized Guild will have its own token and governance structure, with the possibility of creating custom roles and to vote on governance proposals.

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Financial tools

A broad range of decentralised financial tools that creates value for all ecosystem participants. Guilds will leverage Orium Network to raise, borrow and invest capital across the metaverse.

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Decentralized autonomous organization ruled by $ORIUM token holders. The DAO will be responsible for deciding the format that the Platform will operate, and how to best foster the development of the Guilds ecosystem with the Treasury's funds.

Meet the team

Dedicated engineers and specialists bringing the ultimate Platform

Ernani Sao Thiago
Ernani São Thiago
Ernani is a Software Engineer with demonstrated experience in a diverse range of technologies, such as Embedded Systems, Cloud, Financial Applications, and Smart Contracts. Ernani holds a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and has previously worked at ConsenSys and Goldman Sachs.
Daniel Novy
Daniel Novy
Daniel is both a Software Engineer and Financial Markets Veteran with more than 25 years of track record. Daniel has founded one of the first Bitcoin exchanges in Brazil and was an early employee at ConsenSys. Daniel holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Financial Markets, he is also a venture partner at DeltaFund.
Leonardo Rodrigues
Leonardo Rodrigues
Head of Guilds
Leonardo is an experienced Community Manager who grew the Orium Guild community to a thousand members. Leonardo holds a Bachelor's degree in Law and has previously worked as a legal consultant for multiple companies and private individuals.
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